Knowmore is Now

Originally created as a resource for ethical consumerism called "Knowmore. org", the archive grew to cover the entire Global Fortune 500, rating each company for Human Rights, Workers Rights, Environmental and Political Impact, and Business Ethics. Corporate profiles were compiled and offered to the public free of charge and will continue to be available without a paywall going forward.

Issues like corporate personhood, dark money in politics, and multi-national workers rights abuses made it clear to us that our issues were bigger than 'where to shop', and the site has now been re-launched with a broader scope and mission.


An Unapologetic Research Institute aims to create an international clearinghouse for citizens, workers, consumers, scholars, and activists. Our vast database, which has been compiled since 2005, will be edited and maintained by independent journalists, dedicated to studying and resisting multinational corporate abuses of power and criminal behavior.

We seek to amplify the voices of those most marginalized by corporate and state power. We seek to live the journalistic ethos 'comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable.' We seek to dismantle corporate power over our own lives. We seek a shared sense of belonging based on solidarity, respect, and mutual aid.


Together We Can Make A Better World!

We imagine a world where harm is repaired, rather than ignored. We imagine a world that puts people over the profits of the few. Our mission is to tell the stories of corporate abuses but also the communities coming together in cooperation and solidarity. Our mission is to permanently change Corporate Behavior for the better.